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Avixe SYS-UC03 combines mic, speakers, and webcam for Skype delight

Darren Murph

We know, delving into internet telephony can be a scary endeavor for the uninitiated, but if you're not down with setting up your own system piece by piece, and dropping upwards of $300 for an all-in-one device isn't in the cards either, Avixe's latest has you covered. Aiming to ease even the the PSTN diehards into the VoIP realm, the innocent SYS-UC03 provides an integrated microphone, speakers, and webcam all in a single device, allowing users to painlessly experience the Skype movement with just a single USB connection. Additionally, it features built-in DSP with echo cancellation, status LEDs, on board volume controls, and a black or white color scheme as well. Unfortunately there's no word on pricing details just yet, but we can't imagine this ball of joy demanding too much anyway.

[Via Wired]

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