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Breakfast topic: DND


I've never put up a Do Not Disturb message -- as a rogue, I'm just not popular enough to warrant constant group invitations. But I know they're a must for tanks, healers, raid leaders, and quasi-famous people who don't want to be bothered, and as my paladin levels higher I'm beginning to think I might want one in the future. Holyo of Kilrogg has started a forum thread asking people for their best DND messages, and the forums have responded:

  • <DND>: Playing D&D.
  • <DND>: _____ is ignoring you.
  • <DND>: No.
  • <DND>: Do you really think I have two other people out here in the middle of nowhere to summon you?
  • <DND>: I have 1/2 in Imp Sap. How lucky do you feel?
  • <DND>: It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

What's your DND message?

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