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PS3 beats Xbox 360 in console (folding) war

Justin McElroy

Vijay Pande, the man behind the Folding@home project, is the ultimate fanboy. So dedicated is he to the PS3 and PC, that he turns his nose up at the Xbox 360 even if it could help your grandma remember things better. "OMG d00d, so sorry," we imagine he's said at one point, "it's just not l33t enough."

OK, so maybe he's not writing off the 360 entirely, but he did tell Pro-G that the 360's processor would be of limited help to his Alzheimer's Disease research project, saying that "the cell processor in the PS3 is much more powerful for our calculations than the CPU in the Xbox 360." Now sure, he's the expert, and we know he's crunched the numbers on how valuable the 360 could be to his important work. But we'd bet some of you would still like to use your 360's limited brain power to solve the world's ills (as long as it doesn't cost any points). How about it Vijay? Can we volunteer our 360 to be the Otis to the PS3's Lex Luthor?

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