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Xbox 360 Rayman hints at Rabbid return


Rayman's adventure with the raving Rabbids may return rapidly to consoles. In a book packaged with the Xbox 360 of Rayman: Raving Rabbids there is a photo that says "The End?" A sequel for Rayman shouldn't be unexpected considering the game did well in sales and the Wii version was the non-Zelda title people purchased with their system.

The pessimistic gamer would say that because the teaser photo (found after the break) was in the Xbox 360 version, and none of the others, that it will be an Xbox 360 exclusive. We don't care what system it's for as long as the Rabbids and Rayman are in a classic platformer this time around instead of a collection of mini-games. Please, no more high-profile mini-game based titles for the Wii. It's time to get the Rabbids in an action platformer where they can show off their zaniness and become the stars we know they are. The new mantra should be: Rabbids don't do mini-games, but they do dance!

[Via WiiFanboy]

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