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Shave and a haircut, two bits!

Dan Crislip

While I know that this subject has been touched on before, one can only hope that someday Blizzard implements a feature to change the appearance of your character. Many players have already voiced their opinions over the years, but it seems the cause has been reinforced yet again.

Cyn from the Lethon realm has caused a resurgence in this movement. His efforts include digging up more than 40 previous petition posts, many of which already have hundreds of signatures as well. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg for the outstanding demand of this feature, as his post already has 300 signatures as well.

The idea stands that people want to be able to change their facial expression, hair style, hair color, facial hair, and skin tone without having to reroll their character. Essentially, players want to have a tool in-game that performs like the character creation tool, but that doesn't require you to start over at level one, as it stands now.

There seems to be a real demand for this, and its a shame that Blizzard hasn't implemented or at least given a "coming in future patches" notice to all the fans requesting it. I for one wouldn't mind forking over the equivalent cost of a respec to fix my level 70's ugly mugs into something a tad more appealing, or more complimenting to the current gearset that I have equipped. I mean, hey, the neon pink and green gnome-fro's just don't always go with the orange-red Spellstrike Garb.

Does anyone else have a bad-haircut story to share? What do you think about this potential feature or lack thereof?

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