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Akimbo to stop selling hardware, just doing internet TV delivery

Ryan Block, @ryan

No real shocker here: set-top box-maker and service provider Akimbo is apparently shutting down its hardware line as of tomorrow. In a way it's almost uneventful that yet another set-top box is going teats up; which is, of course, why we were a little skeptical about the announcement of VuDu last week. Still, even if Akimbo's MovieLink deal didn't work out, they're not vanishing completely -- you've still got the software service end of their business, able to deliver programming to your PC through their Media Center interface, for example. Those who plunked down for a box, though, can apparently expect discounts and even in some cases refunds for their investment. But for now it looks like Akimbo's biggest guns have been silenced.

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