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Laser dance matrix lets you rock out right on the floor

Nilay Patel

Dragging dance pad tech out of the PowerPad age, Applied Sciences' Laser Dance Matrix eliminates all the moving parts (except yours). The "pad" features four laser diodes interfaced with the guts of a Logitech Gamepad, triggering a buttonpress when your foot breaks a beam. The designers say that gameplay is similar to any other dancepad, with the notable difference of dancing on directly on the floor, which seems like a huge improvement to us. We just hope they take the next logical step and combine this with one of those LED dance floors that keep popping up -- talk about an instant party. The unit is just a prototype for now, but Applied Sciences is gauging interest to see if they should build them -- hit the read link to demand your laser dance upgrade.

[Via Hack A Day]

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