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The homemade GPS speed camera detector


Although this device may be of limited usefulness outside of its creator's home country of Sweden, the project's inspiring ingenuity isn't restricted to the borders of the Scandinavian state. This particular speed camera detector does the same job that most off-the-shelf (and often illegal) speed camera detectors do: it detects fixed speed cameras by referencing itself against a database of camera locations using built in GPS. This example does exactly the same job, but with the same "you get to see its guts!" flair that we've come to expect from hacks. The best part about the hack is that it integrates into the sun shield for quick hiding, and that the part costs are undoubtedly cheaper than the commercial solutions out there. If you want in on the homemade speed detection avoidance scene, then you can hit up the creator at his email address and he'll apparently help you out with a parts list and instructions, although we expect he'll post this online after the slew of emails he or she is about to receive.

[Via hackaday]

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