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10 things that Sort of Mildly Displease PC World about Apple (and why PC World thinks Apple is Doing Well)

In the beginning there was 'hate', or more specifically "10 Things We Hate About Apple". And PC World's Harry Mccracken resigned from his position when former Macworld CEO Colin Crawford supposedly put the kibosh on the article. Questions raged throughout the blogosphere as to whether Apple was exercising undue editorial pressure as an advertiser--questions, which as far as I can tell, did not raise a definitive answer one way or another.

Today PC World lays everything out on the table--well almost everything; they never mention whether Apple played a role or not and don't discuss the resignation directly--posting about the controversy which involved short pieces written by staffers Alan Stafford and Narasu Rebbapragada. The articles, they write, were meant to be light-hearted conversation starters, not "weighty journalism".

You can read both articles today at PC World's online site, both the ten things they hate about Apple and the ten things they love. The "hate" list includes many on-target items including that Apple is "more secretive than Homeland Security" (hah!), that they blame others for the worm that shipped with iPods last year, and that the Mac is crap at gaming. The less focused "love" list includes "sublime designs", Jobs calling for the end of DRM, and that Macs run Windows.

In the end, now that we've gotten a chance to check both lists out, it seems like a whole lot of fuss was made over not very much. And if I had to spike one of the two lists? I'd kill the "love" list first.

Thanks, Chris Tutor.

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