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Ben 10 coming to multiple consoles and handhelds this fall

Kevin Kelly

One of our guilty pleasures is Ben 10, a very fun anime-inspired show on the Cartoon Network (and we aren't afraid to admit it ... just mildly embarrassed). It revolves around young Ben Tennyson and the bizarre Omnitrix, a sort of an alien watch thingy, that allows him to turn into different aliens to fight the baddies with. Sure, it sounds simple ... but watch one episode and you're hooked.

D3Publisher of America has announced that they are developing several different versions of the game that will be released this fall, appearing on the Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the Nintendo DS. What, no love for the 360? Even more exciting is that Ben's nemesis Kevin 11 (we kid you not) will be appearing in the game as well.

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