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Breakfast topic: Murphy's laws of WoW


Murphy's laws, the famous batch of cynical sayings about life, can be modified to fit almost every situation. So it's no surprise that someone has rewritten them for WoW.

  • If something can be nerfed, it will be nerfed.
  • The only times you see rare herbs, rare mineral veins or chests on your minimap is when you're on a gryphon.
  • The moment you decide you can ninja AFK a minute is when the raid leader is watching you.
  • The items you so desperately want from an instance never drop until the first time you're there with an alt. Who can't use it.
  • The one time you roll a 99, someone else will roll 100.
  • Anyone who plays more than you has no life. Anyone who plays less than you is a scrub.
  • The moment you fly into a port is the moment you will see your ship sail away.
  • Nightfall only procs when the last mob dies.

Can you think of any immutable laws of WoW?

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