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Forum post of the day: Rez me, unworthy peons!


I used to think that certain healers had developed a martyr complex due to their constant complaining about their treatment at the hands of the mean, mean DPSers. All the DPSers I know are nice to healers -- after all, they keep us alive, and ticking off the dude with your life in his hands is rarely a good idea. Is there anyone really stupid enough to be mean to their healers?

Well, there's at least one guy. Brainwashed, a mage and guild leader on Detheroc, has earned the ire of healers across the realms with his semi-coherent rant on the Detheroc realm forums. Somewhere along the line, Brainwashed picked up the idea that since priests, druids, shamans and paladins can rez, it's "their job" to run back and rez the rest of the group after a complete wipe. Especially since because, as he says, "99% of the time a wipe is because of the healer, the other 1% its a mispull or lack of DPS." Oh, and he also thinks it's a smart idea for druids to use their battle rez to rez another rezzer after a wipe.

The rest of his server takes it upon themselves to inform Brainwashed that in the sane parts of Azeroth, a wipe means everyone runs back, and that it's not the rezzer's job to run back while the rest of the group alt-tabs to watch naked ladies. He then insults the skill of all of his Horde opponents and threatens to camp his Alliance foes. Brainwashed stopped responding to the thread shortly after it spread to the paladin, druid, priest and shaman forums, bringing in a fresh tidal wave of healers laughing at him. But there's still a lot of entertainment left, including one of Brainwashed's guild paladins /gquitting in the thread due to the massive amount of stupid.

What do you think about this thread? Is it a common attitude among DPSers, or is Brainwashed just extremely lazy?

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