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Wipeout Pulse interview reveals ambitious upgrades


Wipeout Pure is one of the best, if not the best, entries in the series. The PSP launch title featured brilliant graphics (which hold up to this day), the best handling of a Wipeout title, and a seemingly never-ending amount of content, thanks to brilliantly executed downloadable extensions released months after the game's launch. Eurogamer was able to talk to Clark Davies from Studio Liverpool about their upcoming PSP sequel, Pulse. Some highlights include:
  • Improved controls. "The handling is smoother, the ships are more evenly balanced. We're confident that the control is the best and most accessible the series has seen to date."
  • Grid creator for players to create their own challenges.
  • The ability to absorb weapons remains. However, the Disruptor weapon is gone. In its stead are a few new weapons, some of which will affect your ability to play: "things like smoking engines, fire damage, HUD interference, etc."
  • The adrenaline-pumping Zone mode is back, but this time there are no levels designed specifically for the mode. All levels will be playable in Zone, and all of them will get a visual makeover when playing in Zone.
  • Downloadable content returns. When questioned why content is available at launch (why not put it on disc?), Davies reminded readers that "a game is finished about two months before it hits the shelf ... So it's the case that we've scheduled our time well enough so we can carry on working on extra content once the rest of the game is ready."
We have to say this interview got us even more excited for this futuristic racing sequel. Even if the game didn't have improvements (if it were simply Pure with more tracks), we're confident it would still be fantastic. Let's hope to see more footage of the game soon.

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