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Worst Zelda Wiimote peripherals ever


We weren't serious! When we joked late last year about an impending flood of lame third-party attachments targeting the Wii, we didn't intend to give ideas to manufacturers. Thankfully they didn't slap "collector's edition" on it, or else they'd have really driven the sales of millions of plastic attachment-thingy units. Oh well, at least we scraped the bottom of the peripheral barrel pretty early on in the Wii's life, as this Asid Tech Sword and Shield kit makes you go from hero to zero in exactly the amount of time it takes to attach it. They also don't show how the shield attaches to the nunchuk. Oh, and the best part ... these three slabs of plastic will only set you back $30.

On the glass-is-half-full side of things, one could look at this as a chance to be artistic. Get some paint, make it pretty. Sadly there are no Hylian symbols on this shield, so cheers to marketing for calling it a "Zelda Sword and Shield," without anything really Zelda about it. That's quite deceptive. They should probably be expecting a call from Nintendo legal within the hour.

[Via EvilAvatar]

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