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Brooktown High kids hit MySpace ... still ugly

Steven Bailey

In an effort to keep up with the high school theme of Brooktown High, Konami has set up MySpace pages for some of the characters. Maybe Konami should have just had the character's pictures feature close-ups on their eyes, be blurry, or shot from a very long distance, because these guys and gals are still as ugly as a gargoyle.

On her MySpace page, Elektra the goth says "The Sun is Evil". Asia the prep is quoted saying, "The Elderly and Fashion DO NOT MIX!" Oh ho ho, how stereotypes make me laugh. Could it be that gamer's will be lucky enough to have the characters as two dimensional, as they are unattractive? My Ouija board points to yes.

I'll happily avoid adding these peeps to my MySpace.

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