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Gamers raise over $14,000 to help injured classmate

Kevin Kelly

Proving that video game players aren't the cold, robotic androids that most media reports like to portray them as, gamers in Kaukauna, Wisconsin held an event yesterday to raise money for a classmate who was struck by a drunk driver. The result? Over $14,000 raised, which impressed even the organizers. All of the money will to go the hospitalized Tiffany Pohl as part of her recovery.

Tony Bushner of the Kaukana Gamer's Club said, "It was successful to a degree that none of us even dreamed of, and we are all deeply touched by the community's involvement." Pretty impressive for an event that sold $1 raffle tickets for things like a Nintendo Wii and 50 cent tickets to play games like Guitar Hero, DDR, and Super Smash Bros.

This is the kind of story we'd love to see on every media outlet, rather than "Guy who played a video game shot someone" pieces that TV stations seem to love. Great work, you Wisconsonites! That warms the cockles of our gaming hearts.

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