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Get a Mac goes web specific

Mat Lu

We just posted about the three new Get a Mac ads, and now Iyaz Akhtar over at The Apple Blog has discovered that the campaign is moving from TV onto the web in a variety of banner ads. Iyaz found three new web ads, including (1) a site specific ad for in which Mac points out to PC that PC Magazine has "said some really great things about Macs," (2) the "Vista Nightmare" ad we also mentioned yesterday (also at, and (3) a "skyscraper" ad (right) touting the Mac's freedom from viruses. Iyaz also made transcripts of the ads for the "obsessive types" out there and (in the comments) even tracked down the Flash swf files so you can see them for yourself.

So have you seen any other Get a Mac ads around the web?

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