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Is Catan changing Xbox Live?


In what could truly be considered a statistical improbability for Xbox Live, we've made it through more than our fair share of rounds in Catan without any player-related issues. Everyone we've met who makes it through a full game gets a good approval rating and nobody (and we actually mean nobody) has deserved a complaint or negative review. No pre-pubescent screams, no racist/sexist/homophobic statements ... sure, there's expletive dropping -- but it's all in proper context. Is civility actually possible on Xbox Live?

People will instantly argue that Catan brings a different crowd to Xbox Live and given our experience that is absolutely true. And we love it! Catan, combined with Uno (although there are caveats with Uno), shows that there is a different demographic out there in Xbox Live land. Now does this stop the calls for an adults only section for Xbox Live? Not a chance. It would still be nice to play Halo without the ... let's just call it "noise." All we know is if this Catan community is the same that'll be into Carcassonne, then that's money well spent for a nice couple hours of gaming.

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