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LG's GGW-H10N HD DVD / Blu-ray combo drive previewed

Evan Blass

We can't deny feeling a little rush of excitement when we first learned that LG would be releasing an optical drive that could handle both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs -- like many fence-sitters, we see these combo units as an end run around the format war -- so obviously we were quite stoked to read ExtremeTech's initial thoughts on one of these devices (provided by HP in what was likely an upcoming Media Center). Bearing in mind that neither the review unit nor the drivers were finalized versions, it sounds like the GGW-H10N does indeed live up to its promise of reading nearly every disc format available as well as burning and Lightscribing Blu-ray media, DVDs, and CDs; however, Blu-ray write speeds were well below the claimed 2x in testing, and the lack of HD DVD-R/RW read support could prove to be a rather frequent annoyance unless it's rectified through a firmware update (or HD DVD pulls a Betamax). Bottom line: if you just can't wait any longer to jump into the game, this LG drive will give you most of the capabilities you're looking for -- but with a likely pricetag of $1,000 and more full-featured models probably right down the road, it would seem to pay off if you can just keep on waitin'...

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