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T-Mobile kills PEBL, slashes prices on other Motos

Chris Ziegler

'Tis the changing of the guard in both T-Mobile's and Motorola's lineup, it seems. The PEBL U6, once a heavily-advertised T-Mobile exclusive, has apparently been given its walking papers to make room for the newer, more RAZR-like RIZR Z3. That's not to say the U6 is history -- far from it, in fact, with Motorola still offering it direct from its own site -- but this officially marks the end of the original PEBL's carrier availability in the US. Along with the discontinuation, several RAZRs have been deeply discounted from $50 down to $30 on contract, perhaps signaling the beginning of the end for the V3. Believe us, there's not a dry eye in the house.

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