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Want to burn some Witches, or some evil zombie demons?

Nick Doerr

There's nothing quite like controlling a sexy heroine in a scantily-clad battle against the forces of darkness. Considering a 2008 release on multiple platforms is a game with just that premise, currently titled project Witches. As it's posted on the project's site, we'll sit here and summarize the overview and key features like good little boys.

A third-person tactical action game set in medieval times beckons you to control Gwen, the uh, sultry main heroine who resists the dark power of some creatures known as Hordes of the Beast (the Beast being, of course, Satan) and sets off on a quest to free mankind from the slavery they are under. You can play it offline and online -- the levels are set up so cooperative play is pretty much imperative. But if you'd rather go it alone, you have some NPC buddies that would love to join in.

We're not sure what to make of this, but from the early screenshots, clothes are pretty much optional. You know those movies that have a decent, if overdone, premise but spice it up by having girls get naked or really unnecessary deaths, club dancing, or sex? Well, they try to spice it up. We're worried this game will suffer from that. It'll be all "yeah it's a hack n' slash with team elements... but our girls are wearing thongs and nothing else! So it's better." Hmm. We'll see.

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