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Nerfing your DS with a case


Nerfing usually has a negative connotation in gamer society; however, this is one nerfing we'd be happy to take. Unlike the utterly useless Wii peripherals created by Nerf, this DS Lite case is pure squishy goodness. Sister-site DSFanboy brings us the details on this case that you just want to fit your DS snugly into and drop on the ground to see if it breaks (but seriously, don't do that). The case retails for $12.99 and gives some extra girth to the DS allowing gamers with big hands to reduce those lovely hand cramps some experience.

PDP, the company that makes the product, says that the cases are available in most major electronic store outlets -- including Wal-Mart. If you're a commuter this may be a great case to have when dropping your DS into your bag. It's also probably good for you gamer parents that just can't trust your kid not to break your toy.

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