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Apple's Mac mini gets ruggedized, aluminum shell

Darren Murph

While there's long since been ways to make your Mac mini even more portable, the vulnerability typically increases right along with the downsizing. VictorSystems is out to throw mobility to the wind in exchange for assurance that your precious mini can withstand just about anything the world throws at it. The company has conjured up an entire computer system, peripherals and all, that is based around a mini and its accessories being sheathed in "aircraft grade aluminum alloys made from wrought plates, extruded rails, and finned heat sinks." Attention to detail was crucial, as even the power supply, a flat-panel display, keyboard, speakers, printer, and mouse were also given the ruggedizing treatment for a lengthy stay in the Amazon wilderness (or similar). Unfortunately, the setup doesn't sport a pricetag due to the BTO nature of the company, but if you're interested in removing every ounce of sexiness from your machine in order to carry it through unthinkable circumstances, VictorSystems can apparently do it up.

[Via Slashgear]

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