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Beyonwiz DP-S1 dual-tuner HD DVR handles media center duties

Darren Murph

If you're itching for a new DVR, and wouldn't mind losing your current DVD player and media streamer in the process, Beyonwiz's DP-S1 should be just the thing for you -- if you reside Down Under, that is. Aimed squarely at the Australian market, this dual-tuner HD DVR packs a sleek, black and silver chassis, 200GB hard drive, an integrated DVD player that purportedly upconverts, and a built-in media center that "streams video, music, and photos over Ethernet or WiFi from your home computer network, external HDDs, or the internet." Marketed as an end-all home entertainment solution, this conglomerate even boasts a well featured front panel with USB 2.0 connectors and a three-in-one flash card reader that plays nice with SD, MMC, and CF. Best of all, this multi-faceted device is available right now in the land of Oz, but it will run you a stiff A$1,599 ($1,318).

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