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Failed Louisiana video game bill sponsor speaks out


Following an embarrassing defeat of his unconstitutional video game bill, Louisiana Rep. Roy Burrell (D) wrote an op-ed piece in this morning's Shreveport Times. The newspaper had previously criticized him and it seemed he was attempting to explain himself. The naive representative worked with Jack Thompson to pen the bill that would not only eventually get defeated, but would force Louisiana taxpayers to pony up the $100,000 in legal fees to the ESA for wasting their time fighting the bill. From the op-ed piece Burrell still doesn't quite get what's wrong.

Burrell (pictured with Jack Thompson) writes, "I am offended The Times and one federal judge would question state legislators' commitment, integrity and legal knowledge because of a controversial constitutional court ruling on the protection of the First Amendment Right of free speech. Like me, during the legislative process, legislators never knew they would vote unanimously on HB 1381, only to have it struck down by a federal district judge, then publicly criticized by him and the media for doing their legislative duty. This is appalling. Conversely, they should be commended and not humiliated on standing up finally for children and families against the powerful entertainment industry."

So, not only was Burrell "humiliated," but he ended up costing taxpayers 100 grand. He says it's worth it if it stops one child from being harmed by "mind-altering harmful ultra-violent video games." Burrell closes saying, "It is difficult for me to ignore the facts that explicitly sexual and ultra-violent video games are severely and adversely affecting our children's behavior." Sorry Roy, no facts, you just got Jack.

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