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Forum post of the day: WoW stereotype scavenger hunt


We've all heard of the girl who sleeps with the guild leader, and the night elf named after a Final Fantasy character, and the guy who fishes in battlegrounds ... or have we? Bovus of Dunemaul doubts that any of these things exist, and has set out a challenge to the WoW forums to actually find these people:

"1. The 11 year old who cannot understand the basics of either group play or the English language
2. The Far East Farmer who speaks not a lick of Engrish
3. The undead rogue loot ninja who everyone seems to keep inviting back
4. The braindead paladin
5. The promiscuous harlot that sleeps with the guild leader

6. The diedhard anime fan who just looves the BE male hairstyles (wtf?)
7. The weeping Mage
8. The homosexual [class I cant beat]
9. A girl (on the internets) Pix required
10. That orc hunter who cant find Mankriks deceased spouse.
11. The Night Elf hunter who can and will use every piece of BoP gear in the game
12. The Night Elf male with a Final Fantasy villain reference in his name.
13. The epic-hungry hardcore raider
14. The lazy casual
15. The sexually deviant unliving priest.
16. The guy who responds in general chat with a simple "LOL"
17. The BG fisherman
18. The despotic Guild leader
19. The backstabbing guild officer
20. That tard you know.
21. The dwarven female
22. The beardless dwarf (im just making stuff up now)
23. The 12 year old, undead, sissy, over-twinked, over-compensating, illiterate, foul-mouthed, dumb, incompetent undead rogue. (courtesy of Brant)"

People respond with Armory links and personal stories. Off the top of my head, I know 1, 5, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 19, and I've been 9, 17 and 19 myself (and half of 5, I guess.)

I'd add to this list "The raider who lives in his parent's basement and has no job", "The girl who posts her myspace on a guild application" and "The DPSer who breaks every form of crowd control known to man." What people on the WoW scavenger hunt checklist do you know? What other stereotypes would you add?

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