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Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 convertible tablet reviewed


We didn't have a whole lot of details on Fujitsu's new Lifebook T4220 convertible tablet when we first caught wind of it, but the folks at Laptop Magazine have now thankfully come through to answer all our questions with a full review of the flip-and-fold device. As you might expect, they found the underlying Santa Rosa platform to deliver a noticeable boost in performance, with the tablet's Intel GMA X3100 graphics also faring well with video and Vista's Aero interface, although it likely still won't be enough to satisfy gamers. They were also impressed with the Lifebook's thin and light design (1.5 inches and 4.3 pounds) -- an even more impressive feat given the built-in DVD burner -- and they found the integrated fingerprint reader and SmartCard security to be welcome additions. On the downside, the tablet's battery life proved to be decidedly lackluster, delivering an average runtime of three hours, or just over two hours during their DVD drain test. They were also disappointed by the lack of Firewire and S-video ports. Still, they don't seem to have much trouble recommending the tablet, giving it a solid four out of five rating.

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