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Fun with guild meetings


My guild is coming up on its next guild meeting here in a few days. As it's the first one we've been able to have for some time due to scheduling problems and other things, we are really hoping that we can make it fun for all who attend it, no matter the level. Previously, we've done things like all-guild PVP in the Gurubashi arena, and a "Running of the Bulls" type events like the ones that have happened on several servers. Our version involved most of our people rolling a Tauren of any class, and then proceeding to run from Mulgore to Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands wearing nothing but a green holiday shirt, and using no abilities/spells/etc. (my favorite name was "EatMorChikn") This time, we think we've hit something a bit more fun to do, but just as potentially deadly.

Our original intent was to get everyone out to Shattrath and use our flying mounts to play Nogginfogger Roulette. The problem is that this would have prevented all of our under 70 members from being able to play. That wasn't going to work, because the whole point of the meetings is to spend time together, no matter the level. As such, the officers checked the in-game event calendar, and set our meeting for this Saturday when the Darkmoon Faire is open in Mulgore. Those who can get the elixir will stock up, and using the cannon at the faire, we'll have our competition! The idea for the game is this...

1. Strip your gear off and launch yourself out of the cannon at the faire.
2. Drink a Nogginfogger Elixir and see if you get lucky enough to get the Light As A Feather buff as opposed to turning into a skeleton or shrinking.
3. Profit -- in laughs, at least!

And before anyone asks, yes, we think it's a riot when we abuse the hell out of our characters at these kinds of events. When we're in groups, we're all business. Any death is looked upon as a reason to review tactics and improve. So guild meetings give us the chance to cut loose and just be completely silly together. We also use the meetings and events to make sure the lower-level members know who the endgame raiders and guild officers are. The intent is so they feel like they're a valued part of the guild and to reinforce there is a spot with the endgamers for them once they work up through the ranks.

How about you? Does your guild get everyone together to discuss "business" but then end it by doing something fun together? Or are you all serious business? For that matter, do you even have guild meetings, or is everything just understood and there is really no need for them?

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