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Japanese Hardware Sales: April 23 - 29

Nick Doerr

You love it as much as we love giving it, so here's our latest outing into the world of Japanese hardware sales. This month, you'll notice some things have changed up a bit. Like nothing. On the bright side, PS3 sales have increased. Sure, the increase is very small, but when you're dealing with small numbers to begin with, every little bit just seems a tad more significant. Without further ado, the numbers.

  • DS Lite: 255,971
  • Wii: 102,522
  • PSP: 33,860
  • PS3: 12,791
  • PS2: 12,584
  • XBox 360: 3,162

What's this? The PS3 outsells the PS2? It's happened once before, we recall, but this may mean people are finally starting to phase out the old and save up for the new. Maybe not. It's tough to tell by a couple of weeklong charts. We'll keep you posted on sales as soon as the researchers give us the data.

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