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Relentless sees PS3 showing its power, impressed

Nick Doerr

Yesterday, our good friend Jem talked about the developers of the Buzz! series of games, Relentless. They moved into a new office, they're looking to hire someone for a PS3 title, yadda yadda. Today we've got some more tidbits from Relentless from their own mouths.

As with many developers moving onto a new console, there's a bit of a journey into the unknown waiting for you. Relentless co-founder Andrew Eades described the experience like this: "We didn't think it would be a walk in the park, but we found it harder than we should have. We had some missteps in the art style, and that slowed us down - we were a bit worried at first but now it looks like a true next-gen game. Now we've got in place everything we need - with the right technical people and art people – and PS3 is starting to reveal its power to us." Reveal its power, like a true ninja.

Eades goes on to comment how they really like what they're seeing with the PS3 and their games. Sometimes, he says, people will stop in their tracks in the office just to gawk at someone else's screen. Eades and other co-founder, David Amor, complimented Sony on the PlayStation Edge technology suite, saying it helps ease the pain of complicated new hardware. We're glad to see that Sony's tech suite is helping and hopefully this will cause other developers to brave the jump into the unknown and let the PS3 reveal its power to them, also.

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