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Sam & Max season finale released on Telltale's website


For the last seven months, the edges of our lives have been softened by the knowledge that a turn of the calendar page would bring with it a new episode of Sam & Max. With the sixth and final chapter becoming available for download on the Telltale Games website, however, the only thing left on the next page is a shocking reminder of just how boring calendars are.

On the topic of the final episode, Sam & Max creator, Steve Purcell, has this to say: "With huge dollops of creative frenzy tossed into episode 6, the Telltale crew nicely tops off a great season. I'm really pleased." Telltale's design director, Dave Grossman adds, "Bright Side of the Moon is the snuggly-fitting cap on the Serious toothpaste of Season 1. I feel clean."

Feel pleased and clean by grabbing the season finale from Telltale's Website for $8.95, or the full season for $34.95. The latter option will also net you a disc containing the episodes and a whole host of extras. Finally, if you flip your calendar to August, you'll see the series getting its retail release.

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[Via Telltale Games press release]

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