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Sega's Universe at War RTS on Xbox 360 as well

Ross Miller

Universe at War: Earth Assault, previously announced for the PC, is now also bringing its troops to the Xbox 360. The Windows version is due out "Holiday 2007" for North America and Europe, while the console version is coming out in the first quarter 2008.

We have to quibble with some of the claims in this press release, however. Said Scott Steinberg, VP of of Marketing for Sega of America, the game is "poised to break new grounds in RTS gaming by entering the console arena ... with a control scheme specifically designed with console gamers in mind, RTS gaming can now conquer the console frontier."

Strategy games have attempted, with varying degrees of success (remember Starcraft 64?), to penetrate the console market. The Xbox 360 has found itself home to two very capably-controlled RTS games: Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II and Command & Conquer 3. (Coincidentally, Universe at War developer Petroglyph Games was formed by former Westwood developers, whose most famous franchise was Command & Conquer before being bought by Electronic Arts.)

Whether or not it's breaking new ground, having another strategy title in the console realm is an expansion of the genre that we're happy to see.

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