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Star Ocean 1 and 2 destined for PSP rerelease

Jem Alexander

During a recent press conference in Japan, Tri-Ace (in conjunction with Square Enix) have revealed that they will be remaking Star Ocean and Star Ocean: The Second Story for the PSP. Originally on the SNES and the PSX, respectively, these titles should get some decent spit-and-polish treatment before their release. Though from the look of the presentation slides, I wouldn't expect any Final Fantasy III style 3D-ification. But that's ok, 2D better suits the anime style of the game.

While the short blurb is beyond my limited Japanese knowledge, there is mention of the 30th of May. I'm doubtful that will be the release date, though there's the possibility that we'll see some more information being released on that day.

Though there's little more to say than that, we'll let you know of any developments. Be sure to check out the slides captured from the conference over at Gemaga 1985. With Dissidia and now the first two Star Ocean games on the way, it looks like RPG fans are going to have a tough time putting their PSPs down.

PS3 owners, be sure to check out this post over at PS3 Fanboy for more Square Enix news.

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