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Turbine becoming fat hobbitses off LoTRO sales


Looks like the battle for fantasy-based MMORPG supremacy is on. Turbine announced today that Lord of the Rings: Shadows of Angmar is the #1 selling game in North America and Europe according to various sales data. They may have a long way to go before taking a bite out of World of Warcraft's 8.5 million users, but at least they didn't fall on their face like Vanguard.

Reviews have been pleasant for the game and we haven't heard of constant server crashes like we did at the beginning of WoW's life. Then again, Turbine's been at the MMO biz for a while now. The first free content update is already expected in June. It'll be interesting to see when Turbine releases their first user numbers and if they hit that magical 1 million milestone. Well, the game isn't a flop and brings a good alternative choice in the MMO market. But the journey is still long.

[Via Press Release]

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