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Crackdown DLC resetting progress for some [update]

Justin McElroy

Add one feature to the extensive list of new additions in the recently-released Crackdown downloadable content: Making the game forget you ever existed. Reports started emerging on the game's official forum soon after the new content became available that players were logging on to Pacific City to find their progress (agility orbs collected, etc.) completely reset.

Though reports vary somewhat, the problem appears to affect players who participate in the game's online co-op mode and then return to single player. "Agent G," a staffer for developer Realtime Worlds had this to say in the forum: "hey guys - just so you know, we are aware of the situation and working on it." Hopefully we'll hear something soon, but as there's no guarantee you'll be able to retrieve your old data, we're calling this a case of "downloader beware" at the moment. Stay tuned.

Update: Realtime Worlds has detailed a method (posted after the break) for preventing the problem until the game receives its next update. If you've already been struck by save file calamity, however, there's not much you can do besides scold the Xbox Live certification process.

"We are aware that the recently released "Crackdown" DLC is causing some gamers to experience a reset of their saved games when they engage in co-op play. The team is working extremely hard to identify the issue and has provided steps to avoid the problem.

Simply follow these instructions:

1. Sign-in to Xbox Live
2. Start Crackdown and receive new Title Update (if you haven't already)
3. Begin a Single Player Campaign game
4. Once loaded, press Start and choose "Quit"
5. Reboot Crackdown (soft reboot or hard reboot of console)

By following the steps above, this will ensure that your Crackdown experience will be trouble-free. You will then be able to enjoy the new title update features, the "Free-For-All" DLC pack, as well as all the goodies found in the "Getting' Busy Bonus Pack".

[Thanks, WebPimp, Sunburned Goose]

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