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This Wednesday: Soltrio Solitaire shuffles onto XBLA


As with the wildly popular Uno, Xbox Live Arcade is once again becoming a safe alternative for those that love card games but are utterly terrified of coming into contact with actual cards. This Wednesday, May 16th, sees Soltrio Solitaire sliding onto the service, offering "a collection of 18 compelling solitaire games" at 800 MS Points ($10).

We feel particularly compelled to tell you about the game's "Voyage Adventure" mode, which has you traversing a map and playing different versions of Solitaire to unlock new card designs. Naturally, no Xbox Live Arcade game is complete without mutliplayer options, and so Soltrio Solitaire defies its lineage by providing two-player cooperative and competitive modes. Why not grab a friend and spend a quiet afternoon playing virtual cards? It's not like there'll be anything else to play.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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