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Arena titles revealed

Eliah Hecht

I've just got a small news update today, while the 2.1 background downloader chugs away. When last we spoke of Arenas, Drysc didn't know what exactly the Arena titles would be, nor what percentages of people would get them. Wonder no more, for here they are:

Q: What ranks can we earn?
A: There will be 4 titles total for players to earn. The ranking needed for each Arena title is as follows: (Rankings are based by Battlegroup):
% - .5%: Gladiator (and Armored Nether Drake sent in mail)
.5% - 3%: Duelist
3% - 10%: Rival
10% - 35%: Challenger

Sadly, I'm fairly sure my PvP skills are not elite enough to even make me a Challenger. Oh, and by the way, the Armored Nether Drake requires 375 300 riding skill, the same as the regular epic flyers, so get your farm on if you don't have the skill or 5000 gold already (and are in the top half-percent of Arena fighters on your battlegroup).

These titles are nice and all, but seeing as PvE is my main focus, I'd like to see some more PvE-oriented titles, along the lines of "Scarab Lord." Maybe special titles for raiders who are at the forefront of a realm's progression, or for killing a bazillion of a certain type of mob, or completing every quest in a zone. In general, I'd like to see WoW take some inspiration from LoTRO's excellent titling system. What titles would you like to see?

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