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BlackBerry Curve hands-on by... John Mayer?


When he isn't designing clothing lines, contemplating how awesome it is that he's dating Jessica Simpson, and picking up Grammys -- oh, and writing / playing his own music -- John Mayer apparently moonlights as a gadget blogger. His latest entry on his blog has a very short hands-on with the new BlackBerry Curve, which consists of a photo of the front and back of the device, and a single photograph taken on the phone's 2 megapixel cam. (He even manages to throw in a pun and a lyrics reference into the 30 odd word description!) The only other tidbit that we can skim from the blog entry is the fact that advance units are out in the wild, and that our own Paul Miller (who is widely credited as the first to combine the arts of gadget blogging and writing songs) has some serious competition on his hands.

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