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How I tamed my dragonhawk in 8 easy steps

Amanda Rivera

Etherjammer wrote in detailing how he was able to tame a dragonhawk at level 10. Now, this was intriguing enough that I decided I needed to try it. In his blog post he describes a journey that starts in Menethil and ends in Fairbreeze Village. What's the caveat? You run dead. Since my hunter is level 40 I decided to start my jog in Southshore where she is currently bound. If you decide to try this at a lower level, I would suggest swimming up from Menethil to Southshore and beginning your death jog from there.

Step one: Die: I would suggest stripping off any gear you care about and let a nasty (or three) eat you.

Step two: The jog begins: The first leg of the journey takes you up past Tarren Mill and Strahnbrad. From there follow the road west to Chillwind camp.

Step three: The plaguelands: just outside the camp the road turns left. From here head straight and cross the pond into Andorhal. Head northeast and enjoy the ruined scenery along the way.

Step four: On the road again: Eventually you will hit the road going into Eastern Plaguelands. Take this all the way to Corrin's Crossing. Now it's time to turn north.

Step five: Through the looking glass: Head along the road past Northpass Tower. Zone through the instance portal into Eversong Woods. This is the trick that makes this whole thing possible. By zoning you reset your graveyard, enabling you to resurrect at another.

Step six: Resurrection: Continue down the road until you reach Fairbreeze Village. Resurrect at the spirit healer and run. The village folks will see you and call the guards, so run as far as you can before they beat you down, then resurrect again, this time at your body.

Step seven: The taming: You will see several Crazed Dragonhawks around the west and north. Now's the time to work your hunter skills.

Step eight: Hearth and home: With your new companion by your side, return home and get to know your fiery new friend.

This is the journey I took. It took about seven minutes all told. It's a variation on Etherjammer's guide, and I thank him for sharing it with us. Do you have any tips on taming the seemingly untamable?

[via Etherjammer]

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