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PSP emulation and remote control on your PC


Playing a portable console on a static PC may seem little backward, but the PSP homebrew community seems to have no qualms about creating two separate ways of getting their PSP games to play on their 'puter. The first is a little more conventional in that it's apparently the first working PSP emulator for the PC. So far the only proof is some screenshots of various commercial and non-commercial 2D PSP games, so if you want to be a doubting Thomas it's your prerogative. The second option for PSP on PC action uses a piece of homebrew software called RemoteJoy and a simple USB cable, which apparently lets you see and remotely control your PSP through your computer. The evidence here is a lot more convincing, with a shaky YouTube video after the break showing keyboard control, completely synced screens, and daunting command lines. These latest examples just make us wonder what the PSP could be capable of if Sony stopped holding back, or -- dare we say it? -- started supporting its homebrew community. Then again, we can't deny relishing the subversive element of the whole scene.

[Thanks, killfelix]

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