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Star Ocean remakes to feature extensive voice work

The newly unveiled Star Ocean remakes are getting a significant (and chatty) rehaul. According to GameSpot, these remakes will feature significant new content. Producer Yoshinori Yamagishi intends on making "the remake[s] to feel as though they're completely new games." According to the game's voice actors, they haven't been able to record dialog yet, because the scripts aren't finished yet -- tons of new scenarios and characters are being added to the game. For those interested, the Japanese vocal cast has been announced:

Star Ocean: First Departure
Ratix Farrence - Mamoru Miyano
Milly Kiliet - Hitomi Nabatame
Marvel Frozen - Houko Kuwashima
Fear Mell - Megumi Toyoguchi

Star Ocean: Second Evolution
Claude C. Kenni - Daisuke Namikawa
Rena Lanford - Nana Mizuki
Dias Flac - Tomokazu Sugita
Precis F. Neumann - Rie Kugimiya

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