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A classical approach to Blizzard with Video Games Live


Where there's gamers, classical music will follow. Video Games Live announced today that they'll have two special Blizzard-themed concerts at Blizzard Entertainment's two major gaming conventions. The first will be at Blizzard's World Wide Invitational this Saturday in Seoul, South Korea, and the other will be at BlizzCon, held in Anaheim, Calif., in August. We're willing to put good money down right now that the orchestra will play (or at least have video of) something from the new possible Starcraft game after the big announcement this Saturday -- those of you attending in Korea get your camera phone's video option ready!

The best part is admission to the concerts is included in the price of both events. No additional purchase will be required. BlizzCon prices are $100 USD per person. For those who haven't seen a Video Games Live concert it is definitely a non-meh experience -- you may very well get chills when the theme to a game you really like starts. Considering these concerts will be held with Blizzard fans present, we expect the chills to be of frost nova proportions in the audience.

[Via Press Release]

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