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Breakfast Topic: New battlegrounds

Eliah Hecht

The Arena system is nifty and all, but part of me still really prefers the scale of Battlegrounds, in all their irritating glory, to what essentially feels more like a duel. I'm fully convinced that Arenas are a much better test of skill; unfortunately, I'm really bad at PvP, so that doesn't always work out in my favor. Therefore, I understand where Neia, of Malygos, is coming from when she draws up a long (and in my opinion, excellent if near unimplementable) proposal for a new Battleground, the Labyrinth. Her "TL;DR" summary:

A maze-like Battle Ground, filled with temporary buffs, looted from randombly placed chests to grant the buff, then brought to the center of the maze to turn in for points. Multiple exits and entries to every room, tunnels, hidden passageways, closable doors. All made to help get your carrier to safety.

The Burning Crusade only introduced one new BG, Eye of the Storm, with which many people are pretty unsatisfied. I would very much like to see one or two more BGs introduced in a future patch, and the Labyrinth is definitely a neat idea. What sort of battleground would you guys like to see? Or do you think the PvP selection is fine as-is?

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