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Lara Croft to celebrate anniversary on the Wii? [update 1]


Oh, she can raid our tomb any day ....

But, in all seriousness, Lara Croft's adventures spelunking and climbing, just doing her thing, have been something we've always enjoyed. Her games have been quite the treat (not all have been great, of course), so the prospect of her latest adventure (which is a revisit back to her first game, her best game) landing on the Wii is one that we cannot ignore. We want it, we need it.

News of the project coming to the Wii is courtesy of German gaming site GameFront, who've been pretty reliable as far as rumors go in the past. Let's hope this one pans out, as well.

Update: It's official! Rejoice, fellow tomb raiding enthusiasts!

[Via Codename Revolution]

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