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Mitsubishi launches eight 1080p LCD HDTVs

Ryan Block, @ryan

Ok, ready for the onslaught? Mitsubishi is rolling out a load of HDTVs today, starting with no less than eight thin-frame (i.e. low-profile bezel) 1080p LCD HDTVs. Ready? Here we go:

133 series 1080p sets include the 40-inch LT-40133 ($2699), 46-inch LT-46133 ($3399), and 52-inch LT-52133 ($4499), and feature x.v.Color, PerfectColor, Easy Connect, and three rear HDMI 1.3 Inputs. (The 40-inch 134 series LT-40134 ($2899) also features PerfecTint, and adds NetCommand and a side HDMI 1.3 port.)

144 series sets include the 46-inch LT-46144 ($3899) and 52-inch LT-52144 ($5099), and also feature PerfectColor, a component side input, and Smooth120Hz for 120Hz refresh rates.

244 series sets include the Diamond LT-46244 ($4499) and Diamond LT-52244 ($5699), and feature Smooth120Hz, PerfecTint, CableCARD slot, TV Guide Daily, NetCommand, and a side HDMI input.

It's cool if you don't know what half that stuff is, we're just stoked about the load of HDMI 1.3 ports and 120Hz support on a lot of these models.

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