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PS3 firmware 2.00 details leaked?


Brace yourselves PS3 jockeys, a 2.00 firmware update is rumored for release. The full details were apparently inadvertently posted on Sony's PS3 press site (and subsequently removed) but not before being snagged and then posted to the official PlayStation user forums by a veteran contributer. While we have no way of validating the source, regular contributers to the forum are in a tizzy since the person behind the original post has gotten it right before. So what's in store? Well, we're talkin' 34 new features or enhancements including XMB access during gameplay. Yeah, thought you'd like that one. Other notables include RSS channel support, new photo effects and custom wallpapers, and enhancements for PS1 and PS2 compatibility. Sorry, still no DVD upscaling but who knows, it's only a rumor for now which unfortunately lacks any mention of availability.

[Via Next-Gen Gamer, thanks cloudstrife13]

Update: Ruh roh, looks like the post has been pulled and this called a hoax. Thanks for riding the rumor-go-round with us, everybody. See you next time. [Via GearFuse]

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