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PTR notes: Arena weapons buffed slightly

Eliah Hecht

In the wake of the sweeping PvE epic buffs in a recent PTR patch, we've expected corresponding buffs to the PvP epics. Well, they're here (partly), but they don't correspond as well as I would like. While Karazhan epics were buffed by 15 item levels, taking them from ilvl 100 to 115, Arena weapons were buffed by a mere 2, going from ilvl 115 to 117. Essentially, this puts them between T4 and T5, much closer to T4.

Stats-wise, this seems to mean a gain of under 1 DPS (depending in the weapon), as well as sometimes small quantities of other stats (I'm talking things like 2 AP here). No question, gladiator weapons did not get buffed anywhere near as much as raid epics. As far as I can tell, the gladiator armor has not been buffed yet, but I'm sure it will be. What do you guys think about this? Reaction in the forums ranges from outrage to smug satisfaction, apparently based on whether the poster PvPs much or not.

[via Shadow Gaming]

Here's all the new stats on the weapons:


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