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Shipping this week: big green ogre edition


It looks like the spring game doldrums have arisen once again. Having been blessed with the arrival of Command & Conquer 3 last week, we are now faced with the onslaught of a large ogre, his boot-wearing cat, and his talking ass. Not to be pessimistic, but we've sampled the demo of Shrek the Third and we think we'll pass. However, if you've yet to sample the goodness of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, you can now pick up the special Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition. Basically, the gold edition gives you access to all the super heroes and villains recently made available through downloadable content. You'll also get 250 more available achievement points, and all of it for the standard price of $59.99. Not too shabby if you haven't played it yet.

Now, we'd love to get excited by these fabulous new games, but we've got a certain beta to play.

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