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Wii to celebrate Tomb Raider: Anniversary


In news that is sure to set tongues wagging and arms waggling, IGN reports that Lara Croft will soon raid a more modern tomb -- your Wii's game shelf. In a press release issued by an international Eidos branch, Tomb Raider: Anniversary is stated as being in development for Nintendo's popular console. Previously, the remake was only slated for release on the PC (including GameTap), PlayStation 2 and PSP.

With Eidos holding out on costly PS3 releases until 2008 and with no Xbox 360 version of Anniversary in sight, it seems the Wii is benefiting for once by being lumped in a similar technological bracket as the PS2. It makes for a quick and financially sensible port, it's only challenge being the tacking on implementation of unique motion controls. We're hoping for an ice-cold virtual hand to poke Lara into position for those tricky jumps.

No Anniversa-Wii date has been set, but other platforms begin festivities on June 5th.

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