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    BlackBerry Curve review roundup

    Chris Ziegler

    Craving a BlackBerry 8300 "Curve" review with a little more journalistic juice to it than, say, John Mayer's? Look no further, friends; we've got you covered with a three-pack of previews for the device. Sentiment for Waterloo's latest QWERTY handset is overwhelmingly positive, focusing on a few key points: great keyboard, great media support (a 3.5mm jack sure doesn't hurt there), and surprisingly good battery life. The camera seems to be decent -- all 2 megapixels of it, anyway -- and none of the lucky previewers seemed too bummed about the EDGE-only data speeds. Throw in what might be the most attractive case on a RIM phone to date, and it seems the Curve might do the seemingly impossible by filling both Pearl and 8800 owners with envy when it launches on AT&T in the not-too-distant future.

    Read - LAPTOP Magazine (4 / 5 stars, "...this is the best BlackBerry...")
    Read - PC Magazine ("...
    an extremely promising BlackBerry for folks who want a fun device with a full keyboard")
    Read - Airtime Manager ("...
    we're convinced that the new BlackBerry 8300 will have been worth the wait")

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